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“Wireless Mind” – Fugahum Fall 2009

fuga Wireless Mind   Fugahum Fall 2009

Japanese-based label Fugahum represents a post World War II generation living in a fictitious country loosely based on Japan. Viewing darker periods as a test of the human will, it is the motivation behind finding new values. Using fashion as a compelling vehicle of art, Fugahum creates a new self-representation of its designers, Akiyoshi Mishima, Asuka Yamamoto and Takao Mishima. Their fall collection takes the rigid nature of the suit and challenges its role and function by finding ways to infuse it with gaiety and modernity. A stark serious palette of black, silver and navy are juxtaposed with bold jovial prints and interesting silhouettes. On the other hand, shorts and leggings find their harmony, while trousers are playfully adorned with fringe. It is to Fugahum’s credit that they can make all these elements work in such a tasteful, yet alluring way.

fuga2 Wireless Mind   Fugahum Fall 2009
fuga3 Wireless Mind   Fugahum Fall 2009
fuga4 Wireless Mind   Fugahum Fall 2009
fuga5 Wireless Mind   Fugahum Fall 2009

Pictures from Jamool Life

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